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Pizza Hut x Olio

University Project for Iris Worldwide, Collaboration with: Sam Gallon 


- Art Direction  

- Copywriting: Out-of-Home


- App takeover design
- Copywriting: Social Media Activations

- Illustration

- Product + Packaging Design


GEN-Z aren't choosing pizza hut as their default delivery option.



GEN Z are concerned about their environmental sustainability of their food choices. 


According to Olio, a digital platform where food is shared and not wasted, revealed a supporting 50% of food waste comes from the home. 



Pizza Hut's new collaboration with Olio, 'Pizzolio' Pizza, tackles + mentors GEN-Z on food waste through delivery and in the home.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 12.05_edited.jpg

The reusable baking paper can be used for future pizza making with the consumer's own vegetables. 

pizzahut_inappexperience copy.png

The Pizza Hut app will have some changes to prepare it for Pizzolio. As you can see, the landing has been updated to show the Pizzolio banner, describing the lower price. We decided to lower the price since we thought that would be a great way to attract students since they're often on a tight budget.  For now, we've set the price at £12.99, which is £4 cheaper than the cheapest pizza available on the app – The Vegetable Supreme.

Next up, here’s a view of the basket, which demonstrates the lower price of the Pizzolio pizza as well as the ability to swap out the existing pizza hut veg for Olio veg, which will give consumers a small discount. 

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 13_edited.jpg

Using both Pizza Hut's own social channels and Gen-Z TikTokers, well be taking social with loads of content around the Pizzolio. Here is an example on TikTok. As for the Instagram post, through research, we found that people most often order pizza on Sundays in the evening. So, very Sunday, we’re going to send out a post to remind people that they can order a Pizzolio pizza for a great price, just incase they don’t have any meal ideas.

Artboard 2.png
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