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The Loudest Silence

Creative Conscience Shortlist 2023 , Collaboration with Sam Gallon


- Design + Art Direction
- Copywriting: OOH   


- Copywriting: Press Release
- Motion Design
- Video Editing
- Website Design


The UK government are banning the right to protest. Aka. The Public Order Bill.

If a group go higher than the government like, the rally is shut down. 


Silence can be loud and draw attention to the audacity of this bill. 


Using this to their advantage, Liberty Human Rights, a human rights organisation, will stage absolutely silent protests in traditionally loud and quiet spaces.  


Itterations of the Out-of-Home will also be displayed in the form of bookmarks will be placed inside important books that focus on the importance of freedom of speech. Customers will be able to scan the QR code in which will redirect them to the website takeover on Liberty's website.  

librarybookmarks_newvisual copy.jpg

A series of press releases will be released to push a high level of earned media. They will be able to highlight the necessary discomfort the government should experience in the hope for them to realise that if the public were allowed to express their opinions, there wouldn't be such an an uneasy silence filling the room. 

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